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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICs week of August 23

happy Saturday. We only have a week left here...I am gearing up for the It is perfectly lovely here today..almost fall like.


i am feeling better today, so I am able to help m with the laundry a some cleaning.We are meeting vs bil and his new wife ( we really like her) for lunch on Tuesday. They live a little north of here.


Linda..I wish your dgs good luck. My former sil lives I New Hampshire and said living costa and taxes are high in New England. She said it is lovely there. That s too bad the new puppy has giardia  pepper breeder made sure her puppies were tontally healthy. It was good to hear that people in your community are complaining. I am going to do water aerobics when I get back.


Claudia..if r went to the shoot, I hope he is careful. How are all of your pets doing. ??there are some noisy dogs around here, but Pepper does not join them, thank goodness.

v is out attempting to teach Syd how to parallel park 😬😬


Have a great day.💕💕

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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICs week of August 23

Good Afternoon/Evening!  Hope R did okay at the shoot, Claudia.  That is terrible about the man being killed by the tree falling.  Glad you made it in the house okay.  Taxes here in Arizona are much lower than those in Maryland.  In Maryland, you pay a State tax and then a county tax that is a percentage of the State tax.  I think ours was something like 55 - 60 percent.  That really added up.  Plus the real estate taxes were high.  Of course, my house there was larger and much more expensive than this house, but....  


DD said they had quite a bit of rain yesterday and last night, but it was sunny today.  She was quite upset because water rushed down from the kitchen to the basement.  She has called an emergency plumber, which is sure to be expensive.  Hopefully, it is not the dishwasher again.


I had sent an e-mail to oldest DGS and his wife and received a very nice reply.  Hope they like New Hampshire okay.


Are you coming straight back to Arizona, Barbara? If so, I think you will probably want to spend a lot of time indoors with the AC when you return -- that is if the weather forecast is correct.  We still haven't gotten any rain, but hopefully will soon.  It isn't as hot today, but I think the humidity makes it feel hotter.  


I decided to check out the local nursery since I saw they had gotten in lots of plants, decorations, etc., and I ended up buying a couple of plants.  Just the relatively short time I spent looking at the plants got me sweating.


Hope you enjoy the water aerobics.  Our recreation department is starting a couple of classes on a trial basis starting next week or the week after, but I will not be taking them due to my ears.  They are just too susceptible to water, and even splashing bothers me a lot.  They are also starting a couple of outdoor exercise classes -- limited to eight people with lots of rules.  I don't want to exercise outdoors in this heat, so I will not try to take them. 


Hope Syd does well with parallel parking -- that was very difficult for me due to my "lazy eye" and lack of depth perception.  I found out that Maryland no longer requires that for the driving test -- more than 50 years too late for me.  


Glad you are feeling better and the weather is nice there. 


Hope both of you, your husbands and furbabies have a nice evening and sleep well.






P.S. Due to an e-mail from Ancestry (long story), I figured out that my Grandmother (Mom's mother) died when she was just four years old.  Her Mom caught an illness from my Mom's younger brother.  I didn't remember that my Mom was so young.  She certainly didn't have it easy growing up.  

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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICs week of August 23

Good wishes to Sydnie on the parallel parking, Barbara. I think my state no longer requires it but I'm not sure. I much prefer pulling in to a parking space if I can. Our last 2 vehicles have had the back up cameras and that's a big help.


Here we have state earned income tax (unearned income is exempt) and then the local property tax part of which is school tax and part city or township tax.


I hope it's not the dishwasher, Linda. I'd be upset too. That's interesting about your grandmother. R's grandmother died when his mother was quite young and she was raised by her aunt and uncle.


R was tired when he got home and hasn't decided if he'll attend tomorrow's shoot. Instead of resting he's been working in the garage.


I was worried yesterday when I went out front and found Jinx behind the paper recycling bin all stretched out. It seems he picked that place for a nap but I was worried because he was motionless and made no effort to move. Much to his disgust I made sure he could move all 4 legs and stand.


I woke up an hour before I needed to and couldn't get back to sleep. I hate when that happens. Fingers crossed tonight is better.