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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICs. Week of November 20

Good morning., my back is somewhat better but I still need to be very careful..Syd can do all of my bending for me. 


She he enjoyed the show last is really quite good...many of the performers work in Branson off season. They perform a variety of music..from instrumental to country, rock, jazz...and the meal is a ton of food, which is also very good.


Syd wants to go swimming..but I do not think it will be warm enough. It is up to m.


Linda..too bad you did not like the food at the nh. I have very few Christmas decorations my grandchildren get older, gift cards and cash will be the way to go.


Claudia...hope you hear from whit. Did the treadmill get picked up, enjoy your quiet weekend.

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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICs. Week of November 20

So sorry you have not heard from Whit lately, Claudia.  I really hope things improve for her and you.  I love Bob Evan's salad (Fire... chicken), but I usually order the "lunch" or senior size since their portions are so generous.  Glad you had leftovers for dinner to save you some time.


Hope your back continues to improve, Barbara.  No swimming for me -- just too chilly.  But, I know kids are able to take the cold better than many adults.  Glad you and Syd enjoyed the show/meal last night.  


Most of the decorations are up, and I'm busy with laundry, financial review, etc.


I had a nice long walk this morning, and DH was fine when I visited him at lunch.  


Hope both of you have a nice evening!





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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICs. Week of November 20

No decorations up yet. I did spot a few in the attic when I brought 2 subwoofers still in boxes down Adam had planned to install them in his Subaru (yes, the one that was totaled several years ago driving down a steep hill from reserve). He suggested I donate them along with a few things in the cellar. If it doesn't snow much I'll do that tomorrow.


I just got a few basic things done today. In the morning I get distracted as the cats crowd into the bathroom. The 3 youngest take turns drinking from the sink, the oldest cat wants brushed, Spot wants to lie by my feet, mama keeps hoping to get at the Aegean oil moisturizer, and Rusty wants attention.


R had started on my leftovers besides finishing his but there was still enough left for me, Linda. Tonight was spaghetti and meatballs. I had picked up a medium serving at Pellegrino's. It's enough for 2 days.


Hope your back improves, Barbara. R called and said his back and ribs are acting up. Practising with a crossbow probably wasn't a smart choice.