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Good morning...Syd is helping me with getting stuff ready. M is in one of her moods and is playing games on her phone. Sometimes she is so helpful and others not so much. When I do not feel well it drives me nuts.,😁


Linda...I am glad that you met some people to sightsee with. Portland has a good light rail system. The only problem I ever had was the number of transients that would ride it.i really like Portland as a city. Where are you going on your bus tour?  It is good that dh is doing so well.,We all walk the path to the end in a different manner.


claudia...hope your picnic is not rained out. 


Pepper er is home and doing well. The orthopedic doctor said it is a knee problem caused by trauma. She is on pain meds for a month and will be spayed in 2 weeks. The vet said she is a great puppy..well socialized and behaved. 


Enjoy your day.