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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS week of November 17

I managed to get some organizing done upstairs and have a bag of donations set to go.

The final bin of winter clothes is down from the attic. I also went through my jewelry today and found pieces I no longer wear. 2 cat carriers are in the hall in preparation for Monday.I probably should get a third.from the attic though I doubt I can corral all 3 cats.


Griff went out when R went to the garage a bit ago and is now barking. Typical. Tip is barking because she's in and he's out. Smh.


Even our very limited selection of stores are crazy. R is going to the range tomorrow to sight in his hunting rifle.


R's father had 4 children from his first marriage. 2 older half brothers died many years ago. He has 2 older half sisters. I believe they were taken in by relatives when his father was overseas during WW2. After R's parents married. Peg lived with them. R was in 4th grade when they divorced and Peg was graduating from hs and got married. R and his mother moved in with her aunt and uncle who had raised her after her mother died when she was a toddler. His father had at least 2 if not 3 more marriages. R was in boot camp when his mother died and had no idea where his father was.