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Good afternoon..have not accomplished a lot today but that is ok. I spent an hour and a half on the phone eith my wonderful travel,agent and all of the initial California stuff is arranged. There are some complicated bookings with timing for m and myself, but we accomplished it. Yippee.


Now we move on to school..after consulting with Amie and a couple of y retired teacher friends, we are going to Home school her. Among the immediate family, we can cover all of her subjects..except for Spanish..That will make her transition back to school easier.


Linda..glad you are feeling that on the other thread. It looks very hot there...I know la is going to be pretty warm. Hope Dh is smiling for you today.. ontinue to feel better.


Claudia..nice you got rid of the camp site...we may still try to sell our Hawaii time share..but it does provide us with some nice vacation options. Poor tt...hope you can find a solution for him. 


Have a a wonderful day. 🌺🌺🌺

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I can't believe TT is that old, Claudia.  Time flies.  Hope you can find a good solution for him.  Glad you were able to get rid of the campground timeshare.  Although I know some love timeshares, I'm glad DH and I never took the bate on one.  Must be particularly difficult when you never have a chance to use one.  Thanks for the chicken broth suggestion.  I didn't have any broth, but I had a can of chicken noodle soup that was mostly broth, and it was easy to swallow.


I am feeling much better, but still have a sore throat.  Eating can still be a bit painful.  Fortunately, the nurse said DH was fine.  He didn't smile much at first, but he smiled a couple of times during lunch. Another resident was mad at me today.  Oh well.....


Glad you settled on your travel plans, and have come to a decision on Syd's schooling, Barbara.  I know home schooling can be a big job, but DD found that the kids could complete their work much faster at home without the distractions.  So, that will give Syd time to go for her auditions, etc.


I decided to go to JCP to pick up the towels I ordered today.  It suddenly occurred to me that I would not be happy driving there on Monday when we are having excessive heat.   It is not a Mall, so you need to do some outdoor walking from store-to-store and from the parking lot to the store.  I constrained myself to JCP and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  But, Target and Michael's among others were calling my name.  LOL  Maybe I will get back into the habit of driving up there, or perhaps it is best to avoid temptation.  


Hope both of you have a nice evening and sleep well.





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Try jello if you haven't already, Linda. I'm glad your DH was fine according to the nurse. It probably was better to pick up the towels today and avoid next week's excessive heat.


I let myself be convinced into the campground membership. We should have checked it out more. I am just glad they agreed to take it back even though we lost the money. I had read of people having to hire an attorney and paying to get out of similar situations. It might work for some people but not us with R's ongoing health issues.


Barbara, I'm sure the home schooling will work out very well. Syd is fortunate to have so many qualified family members.


We're back from R's 50th hs reunion. I was so pleased a former coworker was there with her so. Patricia was my clerical counterpart for years until she retired about 6 years before me. It made my evening.