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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS week of February 21

Good Evening!  Hope you hear something soon about the traps, etc., Claudia.  That lady seems to be in the wrong business.  Glad R found the problem with his ear pain.  Hope both of you are feeling okay today.


DGD's dog is recovered.  Hopefully, she has learned from her mistake about feeding him all those treats.  I was pretty strict on my dogs, but my Mom's dog started off a very skinny thing left on the side of the road, and ended up very heavy for her size.  When my Mom died, I had difficulty with her since I didn't feed her extras such as treats and human foods.  She wasn't happy.


I did the exercise DVD with hopping today, and skipped the hopping completely.  Other than Leslie Sansone, most of the participants were pretty young.  Anyway, ti went okay this time.


Hairdressers often cut my hair shorter than I would like, Barbara.  I know it will grow in, but.....  Hope you like the new arrangement in your Arizona room.  Mine is long and pretty narrow as well.  


I received an e-mail from my nephew's widow, and she is coming out to Arizona in July.  Probably starting in Sedona (spa weekend with a friend who will be taking a course in Mesa), but plans to come down to this area.  Anyway, I will be very happy to see her and hopefully do some local sightseeing and dining out for a change.  I really don't know her well, but I know she loves to travel.


Although I have heard about that book, I also heard a lot of controversy about the author not being from Mexico, etc.  But, since you recommended it, I have put my name on the hold list at the library.  I have so many books to read, but I do enjoy reading.


Hope both of you and your husbands have a nice evening and sleep well.







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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS week of February 21

I have reached out to various people I worked with with no results

Mid afternoon I heard from my vet's friend. She will drive down tomorrow afternoon with traps and we hope to get them. If we get them she will take whoever we get back to property and I will help pay for neuter and vaccine. So say a little prayer if you will that all works out. Meanwhile next door is keeping Mr. Jinx under lockdown.


Another day around 40°. I'll take it.


Linda, I'm glad the dog is doing better. Also glad you skipped the hopping. Its very nice you will be able to meet up with your nephew's widow.


Today's added trauma was filling the form out online for Wednesday's shots. I could not find my insurance cards. I always keep them in my wallet. I checked purses and other wallets with no success. Luckily I had the medicare card locked up. I called the # for my prescription card and they are replacing it. They also told me how to bring a copy of the card up online so I could print it. Aetna which has my ppo only takes calls M-F. Without the member and group numbers I couldn't do anything online. Arghh.


Yesterday r was very tired and had a headache. Today he is more alert but does have a headache. Probably due to the vaccine.


Barbara, it will be nice to have the Arizona room just the way you want it. Our living room is long and narrow which is a problem.