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Re: REFORMED. SHOPAHOLICS. Week of October 12

Linda, I think at this point it is wise to get. Some help in. That may not help with the incontinence but it will free you up to things without worrying about him. When does his dd come to visit ???


glad you sil is getting more help. That program may improve him considerably.


Claudia..I had to laugh when you said r wanted you to fix the log burner. I am sure he is frustrated with his restrictions. Hope you can find homes for the kitties.


we are off to Lake Tahoe today...will be in Phoenix on Wednesday late day.


syd enjoyed the animal shelter experience. The nasty dance mom continues to create chaos..syd does not want to do her solo, so m will go in Monday to talk to the owners.


we have a 6 hour drive and will be leaving in a bit.


have a good day.


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Re: REFORMED. SHOPAHOLICS. Week of October 12

Hope your drive isn't too tiring, Barbara.  Glad Syd enjoyed her camp.  Hard to believe that the "dance Mom" is still causing so much trouble.  DD had problems with a "football" Mom, as did several other Moms.  But, DD tried not to react too much since DGS and one of her boys were buddies.  Fast forward, Collin is her son, and he is the one who had the brain tumor, etc.  DD is so happy she didn't go at it with the Mom.  One of the boys said that he bet the Mom was sorry she had treated everyone else so badly.  Not that I'm wishing any harm to the "dance Mom", but....  


I asked about oldest DGS' experience with the parents of his players, and wow is all that I can say.  The Dad who attacked him went into rehab (drugs), and the boy's Uncle (who was staying in their house) killed his Aunt  and attempted to kill himself while under drug influence.  The poor boy is traumatized, and DGS spends time just trying to help him feel better -- what a situation.


DH's DD flies in around noon on Wednesday, and leaves on Friday morning.  I know she will be pleased that I am at least trying to get more help.  She took care of her Mom (who suffered from a brain tumor) for a while while when DH was taking a trip, and she had a difficult time with caregiving.  


No problem so far this morning -- thank goodness, and we had a pretty nice walk.  It started to sprinkle a little, but now it is partly sunny.  We had quite a lot of thunder and lightening last night.  And, they are saying more thunderstorms today.  


I will be starting on the laundry soon, and  I'll do my financial review later on.  Hopefully, we will make it to Fry's for some produce. 


Hope all is going fairly well there, Claudia.  You definitely have your hands full.  


Have a good day!






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Re: REFORMED. SHOPAHOLICS. Week of October 12

I think you made a wise decision on getting help at home, Linda.


R is a fb member of a county wide group that lists items for sale or free. I just listed the kittens asking a minimal price and stating they had their first shots. So we will see.


Barbara, R instructed Adam and they managed to get the gas fireplace working in the back room. Now the living room one which is the more expensive is acting up again.


That dance mom is really a problem. Her poor daughter. Poor Syd too having to deal with the chaos her behavior causes.


I took R to get his flu shot this morning at the local VA clinic. Now we're waiting for the visiting nurse to let us know what time she will stop by.