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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS -- Week of January 26

I'm glad so much has been accomplished and all is well with Sydnie, Barbara. You're certainly not worthless as someone needs to be the executive decision maker.


Linda, I'm very glad you got to see your hospice patient and say goodbye.


It sounds like chilly weather for you this next week.


This cold or sinus is still bothering me. Good thing I have several Kleenex boxes, a stash of raw honey, and the Sambucol (elderberry). I've stayed in my pajamas all day.


I'm very grateful for our fenced yard so we don't need to take the dogs out walking when we don't feel well. It sounds like the cats are running races upstairs.


Today is Dylan's birthday (16). I messaged him on FB besides mailing his card earlier.

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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS -- Week of January 26

Happy Birthday to Dylan, Claudia.  Sixteen is a big year -- do you think he will be driving soon?


Sorry your sinuses are still bothering you.  It is good that you have a fenced yard.  I was always happy that I didn't have to walk the dogs when I wasn't well or the weather was bad. 


I didn't realize that Syd had been mad at you, Barbara.  Glad there are no problems.  I was pretty thin when I was younger -- don't think I reached much more than 90 pounds by the time I graduated from high school, and I didn't make it up to 100 until I was about 40.  Now that I am shorter and weigh more, my weight is more in the "normal" range, which is good.


I'm sure you are helping more than you realize by making those difficult decisions.  When my Mother passed away, my brother filled dumpster after dumpster with stuff.  Unfortunately, he threw away some things I would have kept, but I know he wanted to get it done.


Really glad I was able to visit my hospice patient and her family yesterday since she passed away this morning.  I will miss visiting her and her son, but I know she was ready.


It was lovely here this afternoon -- warm and sunny (but not too hot).  I have started putting some of my information into Turbo Tax, but it is a rather slow process.  In any case, I don't have all my forms yet.


DD and DGD were going out with DGS and his fiance to pick out things for their bridal/wedding registry.  I think they were planning to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  DD arranged for the other boys to puppy sit while they were out. 


Hope both of you sleep well.