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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS. Week of December 20

Christmas with Sydnie. Too bad you can't bottle it.

The weather is so mild here I forgot you have cold and snow.

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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS. Week of December 20

Good morning..lie had about 3 inches of snow last night. M and Syd are shoveling the bottom of the driveway so she can get her car out. Our snow plow service has nit come yet.


the family room is a mess because Syd and I have started sorting through her stuff. I want to buy storage bins tomorrow and need to know how many I need.


yes, Claudia, I would love to battle Sydnie but I think she will be delightful no matter how old she is.


i need groceries but no ambition there. Think I will cook creatively until Monday.


Linda, hope your day went well yesterday.


I will be back later.


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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS. Week of December 20

Good Morning!  Snow is a four letter word to me, Barbara.  But, I'm glad M was able to get her car out without too much trouble.  I would love to have a delightful young child around at Christmas.  It is good that you can share some of your fun with Syd with us.  I don't blame you for wanting to avoid the grocery store.  I need a few things, but I will probably wait until tomorrow or Monday to go there.  


Hope things are going okay with you today Claudia, and Adam was able to do a little birthday celebrating.  I saw a FB picture of babies being sent home in Christmas stockings, cute.....  One of my grandsons (two born in December, so I can't remember which), came home with a little hat with holly on it.


I had a pretty good day yesterday -- the Skype call was very nice. DGD does look great, and DD and I had a very nice chat.  They were all having fun picking out things with their Amazon gift cards that I sent.  The boys and my SIL didn't get on the call since they were watching a movie one boy bought for the others.  I think the two older guys are living it up since they have their own money to spend this year.


In addition to the call, I had a nice walk -- first with DH and then alone.  I bought an MP3 player (my i-Pod bit the dust, and I had trouble using the phone), and put some fun music on it.  I notice that it helps me walk faster and even do bursts of jogging.  Not much jogging, but....  I also did some much needed house cleaning.  Dinner was fine.  And, then I took DH out to see a nearby neighborhood with tons of Christmas displays and lights.  His DD and DS called, which was nice.


On the negative side, DH drove me to distraction when he kept trying to go to bed every few minutes -- it must have been at least a dozen times starting at 3:00 p.m. or so.  Yikes!  And, he didn't sleep all that well last night, which resulted in me getting less sleep than I wanted.



I see that areas of Alabama had bad storm damage yesterday.  Hope Bonnie is okay.  I had a nice e-mail from Fran yesterday.  If you are reading -- thanks Fran! 


Have a nice Saturday!







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Re: REFORMED SHOPAHOLICS. Week of December 20

Syd and I made some progress on her toy stuff. We have a bag to toss and a bag to give away so that is some


when I could walk.distance, I always played music. I did 3 miles daily unless it was really slippery.,those days are long gone...


sorry dh dh wanted to go to bed so early. I think that is common with dementia patients but hard on the caregivers.


glad you had a lovely talk with you dd and dgd. 


I just oust got a notification that we are in a winter storm watch for the next 48 hours.

when you live in the cold country, snow is expected.


enjoy your day.