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I love Chico's but will agree with @lulu2 about the changing prices online.  If I see something I like I just keep checking the website often so I can tell what's a great deal. There are some things in clearance now that I bought last year for less. 


Here is my main tip for Chico's - never pay full price for new items.  A lot of things will be over $100 when they first come out, but at least once a week they have an online code of 50% off your highest priced item if you spend $100.  So sometimes I will try something on in the store and then wait until they have that sale (seems like it is usually on Thursdays) and get the item for half price!  They also change their clothing out often so if you are willing to wait a month or two for the item it will go down in price. 


They also have another line for their outlet stores but I've not noticed much difference in quality or how long things last and the prices are cheaper.  The outlet stores also accept the coupons from the regular stores. 


I started shopping at Chico's around 2003 when i was going on a trip to Europe for their travel clothes and have been a loyal shopper ever since.  I guess because I am large busted I've had trouble with traditional stores, but with Chico's about 95% of what I try on fits.  Love it!  Also, they have great costume jewelry.