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I have wondered about skinny T's but have passed because I fell for Rhonda Shears product of tanks that look similar and I absolutely hate them! They make my skin sweat, they are like spanx to me, I was very disappointed.
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I bought a set of Skinny T's and returned them.  I didn't like the fit at all.  I'm short and wear XS in QVC clothing.   

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@Shanus they usually are.  They presented for the first time as separates and I was all over it.  The only problem is I ordered one and later decided to go back and order another and I got charged the full $20.  I received both in the same package so I called and thought they might refund me the $4, but noooooo.  Nope can't do it, not in the same order.  Whatever.


What you could have done is cancel that order then re-order the two of them to take advantage of the $4.00 off the second price.  I have tried SkinnyTees twice and didn't like them.  I personally wish they woud make tjem shorter since they stretch so long anyway.  I don't like them pulled all the way down as they are too long.  Since they do stretch it would make sense to me anyway, to make them shorter

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they are sold separately on their website.

if you check out their facebook page they almost always have  coupon code available also.


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@terrier3 wrote:

@Perkup wrote:

I have a question about Skinny Tees.  I ordered a set of 2 because I thought they would be a great underpining for some low cut items. BUT  . . .  they are so tight they smush my boobs and are very uncomfortable.  I wear a B cup bra, I'm 5/1 and I weigh 121.  Why are they made so tight?  They really weren't comfortable and went back.


Is there anything similar that doesn't encase you like a mummy?

I buy my Ts at Target.

They have lots of great colors, cotton or blends, even extra long - and on sale they are about $5 each!

I have a set of Skinny Ts - and I prefer Target!

I agree! Duluth Trading makes no tug tanks that are great, too! @terrier3

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@Perkup wrote:



Is there anything similar that doesn't encase you like a mummy?


My go to tank is this, from LLB-

Item #: TA298887

Unshrinkable Layering Tank

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Was going to order skiiny t's, but noticed there was some "spillage" from the armpits of the on-air model. She kept positioning her over-blouse to hid this, but it was distracting, unattractive and looked uncomfortable. Are they only one size fits all?

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These A.N.A. tanks from JCP are on sale now-

Image result for a.n.a. Ribbed Tank

I have some from a few years ago (4-5) that are still going strong.  If you are just using them for layering (not stretching to maternity size, for example) they might work for you.  There are additional codes for extra savings as well.