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I think linen has always been an expensive material. I had a linen shirt dress many years ago. I wore it with a woven tan belt and espadrille wedges. Very comfortable & got lots of compliments, but I hated the wrinkling. After several years, it was still in great condition. Donated it when it no longer fit me properly. I have one linen top in my closet that I still wear. 

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I love linen. I live in it in summer. LL Bean has good quality linen for a fair price.

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@willdob3 wrote:



I won’t buy 100% linen because it wrinkles so badly. I love the way it looks on a hanger but I don’t want to look like a wrinkled mess and that is what linen looks like when worn. 






i used to love linen or linen blends, particularly in the 80s. i look back at photos and see so many wrinkles that i fell out of love with linen. just dont care for the look anymore and even the feel can be a bit rough against the skin.

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I picked up a linen jacket 2-3 summers ago during the Nordstrom sale for a very reasonable price but alas the wrinkle thing is quite the deterrant to wearing it!


I love the shirt in the opening post!