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Have you looked in UniQlo?    dot com has a handful of  "100% Premium Linen" French linen blouses for  around $30.


10 colors including white, natural


My linen blouses just get a bit rumpled. Sometimes i starch them.  i got them years ago at TJMaxx and Marshalls when they used to sell more natural fibers.



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I enjoy wearing good linen in the summer and have several Eileen Fisher linen blouses which look much better than the others while I wear them.


I have found that having linen dry cleaned keeps the linen looking better while you wear it.  Second best for me is to use Magic Spray Sizing which isn't as crisp as starch.  I use it on everything to get those really fine wrinkles.  Magic is sold next to the starch.


Image result for magic spray sizing

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@Songbird1  Linen comes in all price ranges.  JJill always sells it for the summer.  I love linen but it does wrinkle and that is why I stopped wearing it.  It is very light and cool in summer.

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Used to buy linen blouses from Llbean, got tired of the ironing.

The fabric is so soft and comfortable and cool.

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Don't buy linen unless you love your iron.  You're a wrinkled mess 5 minutes after putting it on.  I don't find that attractive.

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I have a ton of linen from J.Jill that I bought over the years, mainly shirts, tops and dresses.  It is a wonderful quality and I don't iron any of it.  I wash everything in cold on delicate and hang it to dry.  Once its on the hanger, I'll gently reshape it while wet and let it dry.  It turns out beautifully, certainly not super crisp, but without wrinkles for sure. 

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@Jewel22 wrote:

Most of my tops for the summer are linen. I have been wearing linen for years. I find it extremely comfortable and I like the way it looks. The one drawback is that it wrinkles like crazy. Each time I wear a top it must be ironed. 

That is the BIGGEST draw back of pure linen...all you need to do is look at it and wrinkles into a big mess. It is required attire in is so miserable there it is the only thing you can wear and not feel like you are going to die.  It is the most breathable, lightest natural fiber available.  I had a linen top once and got rid of it because it looked like I slept in it and got tired of the iron.


Otherwise, save your money and ironing time...pass it by.


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@Songbird1 wrote:

I don't think I've ever had linen.  I noticed some blouses and shirts at Frame that were 100% linen.  Super expensive.  Over $200.00.  I recall reading a post from someone complaining about a top that was polyester that was $121.00.  I googled linen and it said it was very laborious to make.  It's from a plant and is very comforting to wear. Very cool, etc.  Are fabrics like this making a comeback or has it always been a very expensive fabric?  The shirt below is linen.  The jeans by the way is 100% cotton, shoes and bag leather.  She is wearing Naturel......

Clean Collared Tux Shirt -- Off White


I love everything about this look. I wear linen a lot and just embrace the wrinkles.

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Linen is a lovely fabric to wear.  It has such a lovely drape to it --- like nothing else.  It is more trouble I will admit that.  As others have said --- it requires ironing and it does wrinkle.  But in the summer it feels wonderful.  I think it looks so polished and tailored and elegant.


As I have been purging my clothes, I was shocked to discover how many linen items I have and forgot about and have not worn for eons.  Many of them I am donating but many are just too gorgeous to part with, and I am planning on wearing them this summer --- even though they will cause me more work!  LOL!


Items made of linen --- I don't think you will regret buying some.  They are like investment pieces and you can truly own them for a lifetime.  

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My aunt used to say:  You have to have 'attitude' to wear linen.




I don't know about the attitude thing, but I used to wear a lot of linen shirts and suits back when I worked.  When I retired, I immediately donated of all my linen.  Waaay too much time and effort -- ironing and dry-cleaning galore.  Looks nice and definitely cool in hot weather, but no more ironing for mei!

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