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I always check click on measurements and recently purchased A259599 Isaac eyelash cardigan - which I love. According to click ons I ordered XL - fits great a keeper.


Saw today new eyelash cardigan by Isaac but going by click-ons would need size smaller - large.  Both items open front straight down, no buttons, cardigans - similar in style.


Just wondered if Isaac's items vary in sizing?  I always buy large in every other designer but am not familiar with Isaac's products.  Should I stay with click ons  most designers seem to have same measurements but these vary.   Thanks.



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If most measurements are the same between the 2 cardigans, I would compare the cross back set in sleeve measurement with the one you own in XL and the complimentary one in the garment measurement column.

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I ordered the first sweater that you mentioned for my MIL for Christmas.  I ordered a 1X for her.  I wear a large and I tried it on and could easily wear it.  For Thanksgiving Day, I wore an IM cardigan in size medium.  The sizes do vary.  If the XL fit you well in the first eyelash cardign, I would recommend that you order a size Large in the new eyelash cardigan.  Trying to determine sizing is really a pain, but I think you'll be fine with a large.