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Question Re: Item # A262093, Isaac's Special Edition Sequin Stripe Dress

Hi Everyone,

I purchased this beautiful dress and have a question regarding the grosgrain ribbon around the waistline. I notice there are small almost light brown dots about the size of a pin head all the way around the dress, one at the top of the ribbon, the other directly below at the bottom of the ribbon. They are about 6 inches apart, located where the pleats meet the waistline. I watched the video presentation and didn't see any dots on the model's dress, although they are light on the dress I have (but still there). They are evenly spaced which makes me think it might be the way the ribbon was secured to it? I'm wondering if any of you who purchased this dress has the same issue as the one I have? Also, if any of you ladies sew and might be able to tell me what this is I would really appreciate it. I LOVE this dress and of course, my size is now completely sold out. I really don't want to send it back but hate to keep something that is flawed (if that is actually what this is ~ I just don't know). Thanks in advance for any replies!