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I had ordered a Gossip rectangle watch many weeks ago and had to return it as the clasp didn't work. The CS rep assured me that this was a "faulty" watch and that a replacement would be sent. Well, I had te exact same issue with the 2nd one and then read the reviews. It seems that almost EVERYONE had this issue! Why then would QVC continue to ship an item that obviously did not function correctly????

I received an Isaac M scarf set for CHristmas. The yarn on the gloves are pulling already and have gaps...Back they go! I also received an animal print Dennis Basso faux scarf that doesn't work! THe piece that crosses over into the other continually came undone during a holiday party. I also had ordered two tops for parties and one was completely transparent-(this was not mentioned in the description) so I was unable to wear it. THe second, was extremely tight in the arms (my same size that I always order) and, again, I was unable to wear this one.

I also had to send back an Irish sweater coat due to excessive pilling.

The Mrs Prindables apples arrived in terrible condition. Many of the individual packages had ripped open and the sprinkles were all over the box and, on several of the apples, the chocolate had completely fallen off.

I do believe that the quality has decreased tremendously and I will be more cautious when ordering as I am tired of return postage expenses!!!