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Quality of fabric

I don't know if QVC reads these particular posts, but I want to say please consider cutting back on the amount of spandex (or using none) and using a higher quality cotton. Some of the new print tees coming out are cute, esp. when I can buy a color that coordinates w/some crops I bought a few years ago, but they are thin and too streeetchy. If paying almost $40 for a tee (w/tax, s&h), I want it to feel great. Or I'll give up buying here and go to b&m stores & hunt for a soft, cotton tee that goes with D&C bottoms.

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Re: Quality of fabric

With the cost of clothing going UP at the Q, I would hope they will get on board with a BETTER WEIGHT for fabrics used & / or find a way to designate the weight (thickness) of fabric.


If I want a tank & light cover up for a hot summer's day in Arizona, for example, I know of one design that suits that, but that's only one. I would be prone to buy MORE if that was a designated weight #.


If I need a heavier pair of slacks (to hide my celulite), I need to know the weight # of those I'm considering!


QVC - Listen, please! We give you some good ideas that would boost your sales AND keep your customers thrilled to buy through you!

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Re: Quality of fabric

FYI, this OP is from 2013!