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Why are the larger sizes 4XL/5XL not represented in ALL their Fashions??  Really feel left out!!Man Embarassed

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@sunshine1957    Nobody from the company or QVC will see your post here, but Angel Smedly has a public Facebook page where you can make requests.

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Here you go:



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@Mersha    😊.  Funny... that title threw me off too. 

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That's a question for QVC and the clothing vendors.  

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@sunshine1957 The correct brand is Quacker! No one here can tell you. Check the website or FB page. None of us can answer your question.

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@Mersha wrote:

Here you go:


That's exactly what I pictured when I read the title lol.  Good ole autocorrect!


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Clothes manufacturers have to use much more material and labor for larger sizes, and do not really make any more profit if the price is the same for everybody.  


QVC has encouraged the designers to expand sizes, but they have to have the ability in the factories to do it. They have to have the body models to ensure a correct fit as well.


Many high end designers refuse to make their fashions in anything over extra-large.  At one point Tommy Hilfiger did not do any dresses size 12 (L) or above.  ETRO still does small sizes, and Marchesa and Zimmerman only go up to 14/16 (XL).


There has to be a market for clothes to sell, and although the average dress size for women has increased substantially over the last few decades, some styles are more popular among different age groups.


I really like the Quacker Factory styles, but their inventory seems quite reduced.  Maybe fewer QVC shoppers are interested in sparkle and glitz.  Perhaps QVC tries to carry the larger sizes for their most popular brands, and will expand as needed by reviewing sales.

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