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not sure what tip it was, but, your welcome !

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Although Quacker Factory is expensive I tend to wear them more than almost anything I own. I love the tops. They had some good specials today at actually discounted prices. I think they are listening to us regarding a few dollars less was not a deal. I got two tunic tops and a white and gold grommet two piece jacket and tank set. I always wanted it but it was almost $65.00. It was less than $40.00 today. I always get the right size and have very little returns on anything I buy from QF. I have some of their things for years.

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@Sharke Thank you for helping me with the @. Woman Happy

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oh yeah, I forgot ! LOL   I must be getting dementia or always had it and never knew it. ROFL


I like the way the Q boards keeps track of whose on a thread and when you want to summon someone you just type the @ and it brings up the ones present.

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I was disappointed that there were no embroidered tops with a little bling for fall

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I have a lot of Quacker tops and they hold up for multiple years.  So with that, no I don't think it's way over priced.  I would like to see anything be cheaper, but tops that are embroidered totally worth the expense.

The just sparkly ones could be a couple dollars cheaper.  But again, the fabric holds up under pressure.

Target, Wal-Mart materials are thinner than paper!  You don't get a full season out of them.  Let alone years.

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only thing I buy from Walmart (clothes) is their tops they keep folded on the shelves in the women's section they're like 7 and come in all colors. I buy Isaac pima cotton and C wonder when I want something heavier and more trendy with the curved hemline. Walmart has nice gowns too on occasion.


Those cheap tops can be worn under sweater, jackets, even coats if you don't want to look to bulky , but, still be warm.

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Wow, I guess I am cheap but she is expensive.


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$40 is a great price to pay for a great quality top that fits well.  Sure, you can find $8 and $12 tops but you get what you pay for and I like to good nice in my clothes.  I also don't care for disposable clothing which what you get for $10.  I have QF tops that 4 years old and the are still in perfect condition.

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Quacker Factory may not be the most fashion-forward line on QVC but one thing is always consistent: the fit is always right on the models and it's always flattering. No one ever looks 20 pounds heavier than they actually are while wearing Quacker Factory