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Re: QVC's habit of passing off customer returns as new

I think there is a difference between "returned" and "used".  I buy clothing that often I don't try on in the store and then get it home, try it on and see it doesn't fit right. so with tags still on, I return it. Sorry, if it was on my body for a minute but no one can buy clothing without trying it on first. That doesn't make it something that needs to be reduced in price. No difference between trying it on in the store or at home. 


As for the other category of used, QVC and the other shopping channels say "try it for 30 days, if you don't like it, send it back and get your money back". That, to me, is a used item and s/b marked as such and sold "as is". It's like buying used clothing from a thrift store. I don't buy shoes, boots, underwear, nothing like that from thrift stores. Some people do. they may not care about buying an "as is" item. 


If they truly had quality control at QVC in both the original selling item as well as at the returns department, someone would inspect every garment and know how to mark it correctly. Obviously, the longer someone keeps an item, the greater the chance they have worn it, and even washed it, so mark it "as is". But for me, if I buy anything online, I try it on immediately and don't need 30 days to  know I don't like it. So back it goes.



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Re: QVC's habit of passing off customer returns as new

@Andreatoo wrote:

While I don't hear anyone saying your clothing is all guaranteed fresh never worn the personal items, like makeup and skin products legally have to be!

You're taking your chances in a drug store too! How many times have you seen opened lipsticks? Broken seals?

Many times. But you're not taking chances. You see it right before your eyes and don't buy it. 

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Re: QVC's habit of passing off customer returns as new

@sunshine45 wrote:

@muttmom wrote:

Some items are returned in the same conditioned they were in when they were received.


Some items have been laundered then returned.


Some items are worn multiple times for close to 3 weeks then returned.


All are acceptable returns.


I was told returns are supposedly examined and categorized as New, As is, or sell to a secondary vendor.  Sometimes the sorters make mistakes.


Unless a clothing item is being presented for the first time, I would never chance sending it as a bill to ship to gift for fear it would not be pristine.


When you send a gift from a store, it comes from their mail order department not pulled from the floor.  99 times out of 100 it will be brand new.





this is not always true. for example, when nordstrom sells you something online it may very well come from another store in another part of the country. if a salesperson in the store tells you they have 3 of something left in stock, they will be coming directly from another store. you wont know if it was sold previously or not. the same is true if you order from a smaller store like chicos.


I should have said when you order from most department store websites, the merchandise comes from a warehouse and not a store.


I remember calling Chico's directly and they tried to track the item down in another store that showed it still had inventory.

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Re: QVC's habit of passing off customer returns as new

@hopi wrote:

@haddon9 wrote:

When you shop in a B&M store what do you think they do with returns?  Do you think they reduece prices on everything and make them now seconds because someone had them at one time?  If items still have tags on them and are in sellable condition they are still sold as new.


The same with the Q.  I think that returned items should be carefully inspected.  Those that are in new like condition should be carefully repackaged to ship out again.  Items that are beat up should be reduced in price.


This statement always amazes because when you are in a store you can see it is a return and then make that choice to purchase and not have to spend $10 to ship and return.

New is new and returns are not. Shoppers should be made aware before they have it shipped to their home.

Like new is not new.

You can have all the like new items along with those of a similar mind.

Not always.  There are stores where sales associates will pull items off a rack, wear them the entire day with the tags on, take them off and hang them back out to be sold.  You cannot always tell when something is a return. 


I have no problem with QVC reselling returned merchandise as long as it's still in brand new condition.  There is no reason for brand new returned merchandise to be reduced in price, sold in a pallette to an e-bayer or sent to the outlet. 

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Re: QVC's habit of passing off customer returns as new

What stores allow their sales staff to wear the clothing for a day and put the dirty clothing back on the floor to sell to an unsuspecting customer?  That's disgusting.  And unethical.

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Re: QVC's habit of passing off customer returns as new

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I've also received ripped seams from someone trying on too small of a size, most likely. That's a bummer, too. Even if an exchange goes smoothly, you still have to go through waiting again, watching to make sure you're not charged fees for your trouble, and making sure your neighbors don't get your packages, too. At least that's my lot.

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Re: QVC's habit of passing off customer returns as new

Just curious...Do your Q purchases normally have tags?  Out of the considerable number of purchases I have made, only 4 or 5 had tags.  Of course, new condition items might be resold.   I never suggested otherwise.  From many reviews I have read, many folks don't seem to understand that they receive returns.  They should be aware of this, because only 25% of the returned items I've received have been free from defect, which is probably why someone else returned them.  Also, it's odd that people willingly pay original/return shipping on clearly defective merchandise.  They shouldn't.  If an item is poorly sewn or its measurements are inches from those given online, it's defective.