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Re: QVC Sizing Seems To Be Changing

@Foxxee I totally agree with everything you said. If and when I ordered from QVC...I always read the reviews to see if I can get a feel on how sizing is running. If it’s a brand new item, I’ll search for a similar style by that Brand. And I AWAYS look at the item measurements. And with all of those steps done...I still end up with things being too big or too small. It’s crazy. And expensive.


Besides the sizing issue, I have a hard time with their prices, especially the pricing on their private labels like Denim & Co. Once you take their inflated prices, add in shipping charges...and possibly return shipping prices, it just doesn’t make sense to purchase from Q. 


PLEASE NOTE...I am not saying people who do shop here are foolish...we all get to decide what works for us. But I KNOW I can catch sales either at B&M stores, or online stores.


For example, I buy a lot of stuff from Lands End, and I get free shipping and because I’m a relatively frequent shopper, I wait until I get a 40% off my order email...because Lands End rewards their customers. That’s just one example of why I rarely purchase clothing from Q.


I’ve been a customer with QVC since 1989...and I used to buy almost all of my clothes here, at one time...including my darn underwear. 😄 

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Re: QVC Sizing Seems To Be Changing

I check every piece of clothing under the description "click here."   Measurements run different for every piece which seems so odd.  You would think the designer has specific measurements and that's it but apparently not.  You always have to check the size chart but don't use QVC's rather always use the designer's.

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Re: QVC Sizing Seems To Be Changing

@tototwo.  Do you check the actual garment measurements before ordering?  I do and almost never have to return anything.  Sizing inconsistencies can happen with any manufacturer; it's the nature of the beast and can't be helped.  Even the color of the dye can be a problem.

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Re: QVC Sizing Seems To Be Changing

@Kachina624  - yes, I've checked the online measurements and read reviews to see if items run large or small. I ordered and received a pair of slacks a few months ago that were too short for me so I measured them - they were over an inch shorter than the online measurements.  In the last month I ordered 2 pairs of jeans - same brand, same jeans, same size - and one was so small I couldn't pull it up over my hips, and the other was too big.  Can't really blame QVC for something that's happening at the manufacturer - right?  It's just best if I go to a store and try on clothing before I buy it.

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