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QVC Lisa Robertson - Project Runway - Interesting

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Re: QVC Lisa Robertson - Project Runway - Interesting

I think this is the second time that Lisa R appeared as a guest judge on Project Runway. The winning design (for QVC) at that time was a young woman who made a dress. I don't follow project runway and don't remember the young lady's name.

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Re: QVC Lisa Robertson - Project Runway - Interesting

Wasn't there a young man winner who had a top with metal washers on QVC? He disappeared quickly.

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Re: QVC Lisa Robertson - Project Runway - Interesting

QVC was the accessory wall sponsor for the last All Stars (last year) and Lisa was the guest judge representing QVC for the QVC challenge last year as well. Korto won with her red carpet dress. Korto did not win the season - that was Seth Aaron who has a collection for sale on QVC.

QVC has had several Project Runway winners/contestants as designers. Chloe Dao was with them for a few years and she won the 2nd season. They also had Jay Carroll with some fashions (he didn't last long), Laura Bennett with her LBD line and I can't think of any others right now.

Sonji won the QVC challenge this season and I already bought her skirt. Whoever wins the season overall will design a collection for QVC and sell it when the season is done (like Seth Aaron did last year). I like that QVC became involved and I can purchase some garments from my favorite designers on Project Runway. I looked for Mondo's collection for a long time on Nieman Marcus and never could find anything.