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Re: Q for quality is FALSE ADVERTISING where “fashion” is concerned.

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It's guaranteed those retailers offering free shipping and returns are increasing prices somewhere. Don't be fooled by free shipping.  


Use QVC's Easy Returns to receive refunds within 3 days.  


You should look for sales and free shipping days, but be careful, QVC increases prices on SOME clothing on those days even sales and clearance  items. 


Hold on to your seat, inflation is now around 8% and rising quickly.  Not this high since 1982.  Expect prices to increase across the board.  


As for Walmart, you can get some fairly good quality clothing at low prices.  Walmart's own Time and True brand appears to be a good one.  




Please tell me about this as I've sent 3 emails complete with ALL documents and I'm yet to hear back regarding my exchange or refund as the exact color is sold out.


CS did tell me to allow 12-15 days using label for return processing ...I won't want it by the time I get the RIGHT size🤦‍♀️.


So, please give me the secret how refunds are processed so quickly.  Thank you!!!!



I'm not sure what is going on with your order. Customer Service is wrong about Easy Returns. It does not take 12-15 days.  As I said before, my returns are always processed in 2-3 days.  


Did you contact the Social Team?


Email them at with your order number and explanation.  Also, send all the necessary documents you sent to QVC Easy Returns.  I'm sure they will be able to help you.  


Hope you get it straightened out.  



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Re: Q for quality is FALSE ADVERTISING where “fashion” is concerned.

WalMart has some great deals and quality clothing. I’ve purchased numerous jogger sets from the Sweet Treasure line in their PJ Department this winter $20 for the set. The quality is excellent and they wash well. I always hang dry my clothes.
And I always look for a really good brand of their summer T Shirts every wear. Those wash well with no pilling. Can’t beat their prices. I just have to look and feel the fabric to determine the quality. If it doesn’t work out no problems in their returns.