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I know this has already been discussed, but the prices for clothing across the board on the Q are way too high now.  Basic items, with no bells or whistles have increased too much.  All Q brands are included, too from D & Co to LOGO to Isaac.  So I'll soon just shop only clearance, TSV, and lunchtime specials.  It's not like I need anymore clothes anyway.

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

i agree, but i also think that clothing prices have increased everywhere and you have to be a very smart and savy shopper these days and look for bargains and sales.

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

I agree you have to be a smart shopper, but purchasing from shopping channels has never been considered a bargain.  There are so many places to shop so I don't let a single retailer set the price I'm going to pay.  I shop at QVC for those occasional values, but to be honest - there is no better way to shop than going to a storefront.  I love the convenience of online, but if you want true value, you have to hit the road.  I doubt you get much sympathy here since there are many who are happy to pay for the convenience of shopping at QVC.   

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

proshop2, I agree with much of what you say. I will not pay $50.  +sh&h for a tee shirt that may fit or many other basic items. I have built in radar that just automatically takes me to the clearance aisle no matter where I shop!

For my own shopping purposes though I do like D&Co. for the waist bands , many color choices, matching colors sometimes in items, and I do not find thier prices for the most part as scary and a little more competitive with B&M.

B&M that I have shopped at for pants recently have black,brown, and maybe gray. 

I also like SG's coats  for fairly good quality and they are practical for my lifestyle. I think her 'placement print' tops are lovely and some of the more artfully done I have seen --but I would only buy clearance priced any more for those.

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

Definitely agree.  It has to be rare deal (hello "as is" items!) or something unique that I just have to have, before I buy.  Even the luxury goods I can find cheaper elsewhere.

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

Keep complaining about the rise in prices.  I complained about that QVC stands for quality, value and convenience.  I find them incongruent with the value part.  When I called QVC to complain, it was argue that value does not mean low prices.  hm-m-m.  Really?  I find Kohl's and the Loft to beat their prices.  I quess they are losing customers.  QVC real figure it out.

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

I agree that the pricing is too high, it is no value, especially once the S&H is added on. I did enjoy the convenience of online ordering, but for the most part it is no longer a place I do much shopping for clothing.
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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

Shopping channels, in general, are a viable resource for those that are geographically secluded. It's nice to see everything, fashion wise, on walking talking live human beings as opposed to a few still shots in a magazine or on a website.

I don't have those limitations; I live in a metropolitan area with access to a multitude of shopping venues; on line and in person.

My issue with the Q, and Shawn voiced it well a week or so ago, is that it needs to be special. I'm not shopping basics (and paying a premium) from a shopping channel unless the price is competitive. I don't have to. Show me something different that I can't find somewhere else; something interesting.

The Q, for the most part, plays it safe to appeal to as many shoppers as possible.

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

Proshop2,  You are so right.  I can't believe the prices either and I have stopped purchasing clothes.  Between high prices, delivery prices and taxes, I can do better locally.  I think the only ladies buying live in remote areas but they are going to get fed up and look elsewhere on the Internet.  Cat Happy

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Re: Q Fashion Price Increases

@Peaches McPhee wrote:

Definitely agree.  It has to be rare deal (hello "as is" items!) or something unique that I just have to have, before I buy.  Even the luxury goods I can find cheaper elsewhere.

 @Peaches McPhee, I'm sending you a high five.  QVC Fashion is not the place for a deal. 


To be fair, QVC does have competitive prices in Beauty and Home Goods.  The Beauty prices often the same as elsewhere, but I shop QVC for exclusive configurations and special sizes others don't have (such as the First Aid Beauty TSV). I also think they do a nice job in home and kitchen goods with competitive to lower prices compared to other retailers. There are some new for 2016 Lenox items available on which are priced in the neighborhood of 60% less than the same items are being sold for on Lenox's own, and other retail websites.