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I have no idea why I saved these pics. It's not like I'm anticipating going anywhere this special haha. I was going to delete this file, but thought I'd share and hope you enjoy...


#2  Beautiful (too bad about that snake though)








#10   I could see me wearing this



#13   Looove this





#18  That's me on the left (sans that thing she has on her head!)

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OMG, the SHOES in photo #2! And the outfit. I remember when I could dress like that. 😿
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#1, #2 the skirt & #3 the skirt HeartHeartHeartHeart



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I like # 6 and # 13. I actually like many of these clothes, but it doesn't mean that I could wear them nor would want to wear them. I definitely would not wear most of the high heel shoes, altho I love them and the way that they look.

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 The only ones I don't like are #9 and #18 on the right. I agree that 🐍 in #2 is unfortunate. I loathe them.

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When I look at these photos, I know that part of my life is over (husband and mother strokes, husband Alzheimer's, beagle cancer). HOWEVER, I am reminded that I still care about fashion and I still want to look nice. My daughter gave me hell yesterday for a package that came for me from talbots. They had a huge sale and I bought three casual pieces. She criticized me for spending money when I'll be paying a fortune for husband's care. In addition to the inappropriateness of the remark, I realized she doesn't get it. I refuse to stop caring about life and for me that includes a little money spent on looking and feeling good about myself. 

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@MacDuFF    love seeking the outfits you save with us -  what you wear and what you like.


As for why you have pictures of what you like although you don't expect to wear them ever, I get it.  I still have a few pieces of my own winter clothes even though I've been fulltime in southern Florida through one "winter" with another months off -- no reason to think I'll actually get more than a night or two to need a winter sweater!


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@MacDuFF    I really like the dresses in #4 and 9. S they're flirty and so summery. 

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@MacDuFF   I'm not a dres or skirt gal especially ones with flourishes. I do like the white pantsuit and the jeans outfit with black trim are right up my alley. Beautiful choices for  others, BTW.

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I think these would be pretty to wear as a wedding guest. The first and last one for a summer afternoon wedding and the middle one for cooler weather.  The gold bag and shoes are perfect with that dress.