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I realize this is probably for Fall but hopefully someone can give me some options as to where to look.


Looking for a true purple colored jean jacket.


Last year I saw one of HSN's hosts wear a bright fushcia one but realized that came from her own closet, no where to be found but if it was bright pink, probably had other bright colors too??



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@Just Bling   In the past, Denim & Co. has had a plethora of colors including purple.  However, colors come and go depending on what's "in" during a specific period.  I've collected them and have most any color you could suggest except the greens which I don't wear. 

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@Just Bling 

I have a solution if there is none in retail, but what size and how much is the budget?

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@Just Bling 


Definitely check Amazon.


And ... otherwise - Google - it brings up lots of hits.


LOGO had a couple of denim jackets in various colors - check here.

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Re: Purple Jean Jacket

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J Jill had a jean style jacket  in  an aubergine color.

eBay has a  couple of purple o jean jackets 

 one by Bill Blass jean jacket

one Hawaiian Tropic

VTG  Guess


Cold Water Creek


Old Navy

Diesel Women's


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I have a kind of obsession with Jean jackets.  

All fall and winter I wear various blouses under them.  When I take them off and hang them up often the blouse is still under them.


All of them I got from QVC over the years.


Why don't you just google exactly what you want?

I've done that with good results for various things.


These ladies always give good advice.  I'd go with their advice too.

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One World has a few but 2 are elbow sleeve length (deep purple) and the 3rd is long sleeved but collarless (lavendar)





I think when the fall/winter clothing hits there will be more standard long sleeves


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@lolakimono   I think we're good



Budget?  I don't spend more than $200 on an article of clothing, handbags, that's another story.



Thank You.

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@Andreatoo   One World, One World, I heard that brand    where????


So finally the light came on and went to shop hq, didn't even think about looking there.  thanks so much!

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If you want true, royal purple, like in a box of crayons, during the summer you are more likely to find lavendar.