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Purging my wardrobe

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of what I consider my old lady clothes. 😬 the loud printed embellished tops that seemed like a great deal at Bealls. They were cheap. They look cheap. Anything with fussy looking prints. I'm paring down to plain oversized tees in mostly white and black, with classic jeans from Democracy and NYDJ. A few white pants. A simple black SG midi dress that I can wear with flip flops or a nicer sandal.  That's the look and level of comfort I want. My jewelry is already minimal, a classic silver statement ring, pearl stud earrings, silver bracelet or large watch. Silver cartouche style pendant that contains my sons ashes.  I will have fewer clothes but classier, more timeless items. What I really need is Talbots clothing on a smaller budget. 

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'Sounds' lovely!


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Bless your heart, i to have a piece of jewelry with my son,and husbands ashes in it.

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Sounds boring and drab.

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Re: Purging my wardrobe

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    Started  to purge again earlier this yr , however  need to   fill up some more boxes to send out . Don't know how so many old clothes  of other family members  escaped the last purge . 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Sounds boring and drab.

Actually, a streamlined, simple, classic wardrobe puts the emphasis on the woman and not the clothing. That's why high end retailers rarely feature a lot of prints in the clothing they sell. It's subtle but definitely there. Prints hide a lot of flaws in the workmanship of a garment. Years ago I remember reading, the cheaper the garment, the more likely it will be embellished @Kachina624 .

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Doesn't sound boring or drab to me at all!!


I just went thru a bunch of crop pants, bermuda shorts and capris---that were in my drawer taking up room--tried them all on or TRIED to get them on Woman Tongue and got rid of about 5 or 6 ---those mostly in a size I will NEVER see again and don't care to. Did the same with my shoe hoard recently---I just need basic stuff, nothing fancy, that looks good on and feels good on. Have more to do ----

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I like your fashion plan ! 

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@fairydogmother  You go girl! That's a job! You can never go wrong with the basics. I talbots is always a good choice. I just took a dress I've had for years and had the buttons changed! Brand new dress! I'm sure your pendant with  your sons ashes is beautiful!

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@fairydogmother wrote:

What I really need is Talbots clothing on a smaller budget. 

Do you get emails from Talbots? If you sign up for sale notifications you will get coupons and notification of some great sales that they have. Just recently I had a 50-60% off plus $$$ off, the reduced prices were terrific. 

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