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Will the classic polarized sunglasses ( item 351177)

be too big for a smaller sized face?

Thank you!

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For me personally, I don't think sunglasses can ever be too big. The fit and comfort are more important to me because if they don't feel right then I'm not going to wear them. As for large-frame glasses...I have a pair similar to those mentioned  here and I like they way they look on me. They cover all of my eye area and that's a good thing when it comes to keeping the sun off of my upper and lower eye areas.Smiley Happy

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@McCovey  Go to their website and ask your question.  I doubt if anyone will know here.

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I got the classic also known as the kennedy.  They are great quality, comfort, fit,  etc...I am not 100% happy with the way they look on me (a little narrow and make my eyes look a little close together) BUT I am keeping them for my driving glasses.

I got them on their website...great CS and FREE shipping!! 

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Why do you buy this brand on QVC. Their website has so many more choices, same price and no S & H. QVC charges $3.50 for S & H.