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Re: Prints, prints, prints

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I like some small prints, stripes and polka dots, but not those large flowery prints that look like my grandmother's wallpaper or sofa.


Prints can be nice on me if they are understated.  I do agree that QVC has some wild prints that are scaled large, but women come in lots of sizes.  A tall or larger woman would probably be able to wear large prints that would overwhelm me.


it doesn't bother me that they are available for purchase.

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I rarely wear prints. Mostly dots and stripes.  I look for fabric, cut and color in clothes. That's where I get my variety.   I find a lot of options in B&M stores and other online places. 

You'll probably find more prints in spring? Just guessing. 

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I nearly always layer 2 tops over whatever bottoms I wear, and many, many times one of those tops will be a print - usually the under piece.  I've come to prefer that look to wearing many of my necklaces.



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I love prints but am picky about them. It is hard to do good ones inexpensively and often they are really pricey.
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Agree with you on that...I like certain prints...I have a couple pair of pants with prints on the bottom like a boarder..and tops..if the print is too large it makes me lool very wide across the top...I prefer a smaller pring with a V-ee neck, so far haven't found one that I like on the Q or BM stores...

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When they first started coming into style again I thought 'oh no - they are not for me."  Then I began to see some I thought were really pretty.  I guess fashion trends can grow on you (of course so does fungus Smiley Happy I have found that like people it is good to not stereotype/pigeonhole . Get to individually know them. Many shout spring to me right now  and I am becoming a fan. Of course all trends ebb and flow with urging from the sellers to keep our $$s doing the same!


If I want to look my slimmest all one color  or neutral works the best , but can get boring. When printed pants started getting the fashion attention I tried a pair then once I caught a glimpse in a mirror and thought those are not my friend. But that is not to say they do not work for others. 


I think Marc Bower (sp?) and Isaac M have some lovely flowery prints.

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Some prints enter a room before you do.......meaning they overpower some people and all you see is the print not the person wearing it...................jmo

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Prints are tricky and once you wear it, the next time you put it on everybody remembers it.  Or at least I do.  Sometimes a solid garment provides the perfect blank canvas for all kinds of accessories.  I have a few prints but nothing kooky crazy.  Some prints are over the top. 

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We are all free to have our own opinion. I love prints & color. I find solids & all black boring. You need a little black dress but some people dress in nothing but black all the time.

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@fthunt wrote:

No print gal here.  D&Co are so old looking and SG (Sat) hugh hugh flowers everywhere.  

A soft plaid I'll buy in a NY minute.

Me too.  I would love to see a soft plaid in nice spring colors.