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There is a happy medium between QVC and more reasonable clothing.  Lands End, and especially their sales can be an option.  Not everything on Amazon is junk but you have to shop carefully.  Free shipping and returns makes it risk free shopping. Target has some nice kids clothing.



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i have been buying for myself for many many decades



yep.....i have it figured out




it's best not to get too wrapped up in any spiel.   



ya better shop around......ya baby



no news here

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Spazy   QVC's tees are very nice quality that will last for years.  I'm not sure they're worth $59. but I bet they're A heck of a lot nicer than what Amazon sells for $16.  I've been a victim of Amazon clothing sales and I'm not impressed.  If that's what you want, go for it.


@Kachina624   I purchase tee and sweaters listed as  AMAZON ESSENTIALS. They're definiterly not the same as my beefy Isaac tees, but good for every day errands and the gym. 

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High class designers? humorous!

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Amazon changes their prices DAILY.


And you do NOT get a sale price adjustment.


Totally unfair an item I ordered yesty is way cheaper today and they won't honor that price.  NOT a company I like to deal with.

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I do think QVC prices are high these days, but unfortunately, so are many of the retailers I shop from. The difference is that I can generally find coupons, sales and free shipping for items I want outside of QVC, making it a much better deal. Occasionally, I find a clearance item on QVC that makes buying it a good deal, but generally, I do better elsewhere.