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I love clothes. I pay whatever it is if I know I'll wear it, if it flatters my figure and if I feel great in it. It's worth it to me. Heart

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Re: Prices on clothes?

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On Shawn's show on Monday, they had a Driftwood longer coat that I wanted so badly.  It was $178 it ended up selling out.  I googled the name of it and I found it on sale for $100 cheaper.  I couldn't order it fast enough.  It pays to shop around if you see something here.  Oh, and I didn't have to pay sales tax.  Smiley Happy


EDD:  I just got notification that it shipped!  Ordered & shipped the same day. Gotta love that.

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Unfortunityly I think prices on the Q are outrages. You can find better quaity and much lower prices elswear and on line.

Prices on clothing have went up and quality is not as good everyhwere you shop. But QVS is definilty way over priced and the quality is not good. I dont think Kim G has good qualit. I bought a dress and it was cute but very thin and wrinkled terrible. Issac way to expensive.. Most online stores if you spend so much shipping is free... On line you can find name brands much lower prices.

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Quality is down and prices are up at the Q. It is best to keep the older, better quality clothes you have and take good care of them. The cost to replace them is ridiculous. 

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Re: Prices on clothes?

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@elated In QA  the quality was usually determined by Marketing (color,weave of fabric,etc). Sizes and shapes of containers was a purview of R&D(did the closure fit the bottle,etc?)

Health and Beauty was a concern for scientists in the Research lab. I was a participant

 in some of the double blind studies.

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I just was searching for shorts and they have a pair of Kim Gravel shorts for $49.00. For shorts. Ridiculous. You can go to Walmart or JCPenney and get 3 pair for that. The prices have definitely gone up. Now I check comparable items on Amazon, which has free shipping and free returns, before buying from Q. That being said, to each his own, if you have the money then more power to you but, wow. I don't need $50.00 shorts.

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HSN returns cost is outrageous. I will no longer shop there. For those that can afford $15.00 to try on a pair of sandals, more power to you. 

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I buy from Macy's, Belk, Bealls of Florida, Sams Club, Costco, LL Bean, Lands End. All but LL Bean have lower prices than QVC. I recently bought some cute tops at Bealls for $22. 

I very rarely buy clothes from QVC now because of the prices. I can buy comparable clothes at other places. 

I love the perfect pants from LLBean, I wear, wash, dry and repeat over and over and they stay the same. The are comfortable and of good quality. I pay more for those pants, but not much. The quality is excellent. 

Years ago, I purchased many clothes from QVC. 

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If you comparison shop exact items, exact brands, no sales, Nordstrom has raised every Item $10 to pay for free SH.  I don't order duplicates of like items so I don't know how they work that out.


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@Nonametoday wrote:

@SilleeMee wrote:

Also depends on what part of the country you shop. 

@SilleeMee My sister in NY tells me we have the same clothes and shops in the southeast that she has in NYC and my sister in San Diego says we all have the same all over the country and that prices must be built in. 


They, each as I have done, loved to return to the southeast USA (I did for retirement), but they see every part of the country becoming like the other, all "chain" stores have taken over:  J Jill, Chico's, Talbot's, Ann Taylor and all the high-end department stores (prices are set at the top and trickle down all over the country) with same clothes, same prices.  My sisters and I once enjoyed our trips "back home" to  Georgia  (Atlanta, Macon, Columbus), Louisiana (Baton Rouge, NOLA) SoCar (Charleston), NoCar (Charlotte) because it  felt like home, but now it all seems to run together from one to the other.  We find very few of those boutique or little hometown stores any longer as we once had plenty in the southeast, particularly in Georgia, where you go in and they know your name and what you like and don't like.  Lots of VERY NICE consignment stores in Florida because of migration and wealthy residents, but everything else all seem the same.


Same stores, same garment, same prices, but inventory, product mix is different.  Same stores may not be selling the same items, they are stocked differently because customer's style is different.  The clearance may be different because it is what is in inventory.  But a lot is the same in the same store.  I used to travel a lot, and product mix was just different.