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tons and tons of cheaper prices out there


happy shopping!

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I was watching some of the fashions shows on the Q lately and was surprised at some of the regular prices and the sale prices.  I saw a pair of shorts on sale for $38 I think and the original price was $60 something, I thought that was high but I haven't been in a store in ions.  If I do buy it's a decent sale for a decent garment.

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@lavendar wrote:

Are prices at the Q competive with store prices? I haven't been in a brick and mortar store since before the pandemic.


I decided to buy some summer clothes and started watching the Q. Was surprised at some of the prices, especially for Q brands like D&C.


Did buy some dresses from Isaac. I can only wear cotton in the summer and cotton dresses have always been high.


I expect a brand like Nic and Zoe to be high because they are not a Q brand.


If I went shopping now would the Q reflect prices or are they lower/higher?




Why not take the time and shop in a few B&M store, just for the heck of it?


Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond are gone for the reason that so many shop online, and "stores" are becoming less necessary.


BTW ... the cost of both growing and manufacturing anything with cotton has risen drastically, so that factors into prices anywhere.


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There's always cheaper clothing to be had, but most the time the quality is not there. I went to Macy's today, and was very disappointed, the quality of their clothing has gone downhill. Not impressed with Kohl's clothing at all.
Talbots has some cute things this season and they are expensive, but with discounts they are a little lower than QVC. I normally don't buy anything from QVC unless it's on sale or clearance.
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If the corporation were going for full disclosure, the "v" in the name would, at this point, be lower case.  At the moment, their biggest asset is convenience and even that is being chipped away with the disappearing return labels and the evaporating price adjustment policy.

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@lavendar   Personally I think Q's prices are high. I've purchased a few items lately but mostly shopping local and finding some good deals. If you have a Macy's charge card you get lots of perks.  I think they raised the prices along with the # of easy pays and people think they can afford it. Those 5 easy pays really stack up. 

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I only buy things on clearance or "as is" here.  I think some of the most simple items of clothing are way too high.  I am not faulting just them though as this seems to be the case for most places any more.  I do see tops here that I would love to buy but when I look at the prices, I just have to say --- no!  

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All clothing is $$. Has anyone shopped at Goodwill? Actually everything is $$. The Dollar Tree is no longer  a Dollar Tree. On another note: Dollar Tree( we call it "the buck stops here") is buliding a large new store (cold case and all) across the road from a B & M grocery,I expect the DT will eat into their prices.

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I like Nordstrom but prices are much higher than at the Q. I am retired & live a casual lifestyle so I buy little at Nordstrom any longer but purchase gifts for my niece there as she is still working. I buy for quality & am willing to pay a higher price for something I really want. I really don’t need any clothes as I have enough but I like new colors & styles. If I buy two new items, the equal amount, I donate. I have my eye on a Driftwood Dream blouse. It was a special one night at $119 & I was thinking about it, next day I went back & it was $148 which I am unwilling to pay. It’s now down to $138 but I’ll still hold out.
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I've been in and out of the hospital this year; large stores exhaust me. I never did shop at the large stores.

Re keeping business's afloat: there are small stores in my neighborhood I frequent. Boutique style. I've always shopped that way.


Cotton was always expensive. I'm aware of the current reasons. I  don't mind paying for it. I bought three cotton dresses from the Q. One on sale and one marked down for the day. One cotton ''As is." Celebrating my eightieth birthday this month.

I assume there are woman willing to pay the prices. Sometimes time is more valuable than money.