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Are prices at the Q competive with store prices? I haven't been in a brick and mortar store since before the pandemic.


I decided to buy some summer clothes and started watching the Q. Was surprised at some of the prices, especially for Q brands like D&C.


Did buy some dresses from Isaac. I can only wear cotton in the summer and cotton dresses have always been high.


I expect a brand like Nic and Zoe to be high because they are not a Q brand.


If I went shopping now would the Q reflect prices or are they lower/higher?

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Depends on where you shop.  I buy most of my clothes from Blair, HSN, Macy's, Lands End, and more recently Kohl's and Walmart.  Significantly more reasonable prices than QVC.


On the other hand, LLBean, Coldwater Creek are higher in most clothing items than the Q.


Buyer beware!


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Depends where you shop. Hard to compare if brands are different.

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In my experience for similar quality better deals can be found.  If you look at the regular price at Macys it looks comparable but Macys always has sales and coupons which brings the price down signifigantly.

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Nic & Zoe is beautiful but waaay out of my price range. Great for those who can do it!
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I still have some beautiful items from Indigo Moon, Koos, whoever the designer of the year was.


No wonder Linea couldn't sustain itself. Louis' prices were very reasonable. Fortunately I have enough clothes to last a long time. I'm going to be eighty in a few weeks. Retired, living in a very casual town.

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Also depends on what part of the country you shop. 

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I think most of QVC clothing is priced on the higher side.  I buy clothing for an elderly friend at Boscov's Department store and they always have sales, plus I get coupons.


I just bought 5 pairs of 100% cotton summer pants and two pull on Alfred Dunner shirts for $104.  The pants were originally priced at $36 a pair, which is way less than QVC pants.


I also got free shipping.  QVC shoe prices seem competitive.

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I just posted on the Nic+Zoe thread. To expensive for my taste !  The items I saw were very pretty but I will pass and for those who buy I hope they enjoy the new outfit.

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Ok, this is off topic....the silver flats with the bows on the model are super cute! I think silver shoes need to find a way into my closet! Just a thought! 😊