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I found some long sleeve tees from Isaac Mizrahi that I really liked. I placed my order & just watched the presentation again. They are 95% polyester & 5% spandex. I immediately cancelled the order. Why would I want a tee shirt made of that??? I have found his sizing to be totally different from last years. I never know if something will be too big or too small. I used the specific size chart & those have been wrong many times. I do understand in a blouse. Still not a big fan. You have to check everything!

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I hate anything with spandex in it, especially a cotton tee with spandex.  Spandex makes fabrics that would otherwise feel cool (in the summer time) hot.  

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What is the item number? Are they "active" tees of some sort?

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When I see spandex on a shirt "ingredients" it makes me immediately think CLINGY.  I like flowy t-shirts.

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If it is 95% polyester and 5% spandex, it is what Susan Graver markets as "Liquid Knit."  I also own a few pieces with the same composition from the Linea line.  It has pros and cons.  It does hold color well, does not fade, does not wrinkle, is easy to pack in a suitcase.  It is not cool like cotton in the hot weather though. 

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@jonbon wrote:

What is the item number? Are they "active" tees of some sort?

@jonbon, good question. My "active" tees are from Hanes (recommended by a poster here):


Hanes Sport™: Comfortable Performance Gear
Hanes Sport™ builds on our comfort heritage with innovative technologies to give you the looks that fit your life, your sport, and your style.

  • Performance training jersey V-neck tee keeps you in the comfort zone even when workouts push you out of yours.
  • Cool DRI® technology dries fabric faster for maximum comfort and has a UPF rating of 50+ for protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Cool Comfort™ fabric rapidly wicks away sweat to keep you cooler.
  • Contemporary styling for a slimmer fit.
  • Size up if you prefer a roomier fit.
  • Comfort Flat seams help reduce chafing.
  • Narrow ribbed V-neck styling.
- Less Details
100% Polyester Jersey, 138 grams

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Re: Polyester/Spandex tees?

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I think there is nothing hotter than a densely woven 100% cotton tee shirt.  They also stretch out after a couple hours wearing and lose their shape.   If a shirt with Spandex clings, you're wearing a size too small.  Spandex doesn't cause clingliness....thin, flimsy fabric does.

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I found a really cute Isaac M long sleeve t-shirt at Sam's of all places for $14. It's the same fabric content that you mention, i.e. 95% poly/5% spandex. It is extremely comfortable, not clingy and perfect for warmer winter days and spring weather. The spandex is minimal and seems to help the shirt retain it's shape. Based on the style and comfort, I plan to go back and buy another one if they still have a color I like as well as my size. I've never found that 95/5 combination to be hot or clingy for me.

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@Kachina624   I respectfully disagree. I only own 100% cotton tee shirts.  I easily have over 100 of them from sleeveless to long sleeves.  Some of them are over 10 years old and still look like new.


They haven't stretched or shifted out of shape and I wear one almost every day in all four seasons.


I do not own and will not buy plastic ( polyester) clothing and if it has spandex, I won't even consider it even if it is mixed with cotton. It is hot, stains and clings.  



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I like cotton and a little spandex but I find polyester suffocating even the newer stuff. I hate when a product I've loved suddenly changes the material!   That's too bad