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I received a catalog from them, but I've never heard of them before.

Here is a sampling:

Product Image of Linen sweater

Product Image of Cropped Denim Jeans

Product Image of Drape front linen top

Product Image of Stripe jersey top

Product Image of Silk shirt

Product Image of Cropped linen jacket


Product Image of Pure cashmere scoop neck sweater

Product Image of Printed dress

Product Image of Wide leg trousers

Product Image of Wool crepe dress

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Just not a look that reasonates with me.....

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Never heard of them either. But most of the catalogs I get hit the recycle bin before I even see what they are. It's a very simple look, almost elegant. Classic? I like more happening in my clothes.

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I'm wondering who sold me out, LOL.

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A bit over priced, looks similar to the things at Chicos and about the same price

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I've been getting their catalogues for a while.  Mostly linen material.  I've never purchased from them. 

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Reminds me of the early J Jill catalogs. 

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JJill was what came to my mind as well. 



I have a staple of classic linen pcs ... some I have had for 20 years. The only new items I ever buy are white items .. like  a new tank or blouse.

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I got this catalog for the second time.  There are a few things.......

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I could see myself in that dress or dark navy silk blouse.  😍