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Re: Please don't put Jane T and Isaac together

I think Isaac works well with most of the hosts. But, I like Jane better when she is on air alone. However she should speak more on the item [s] she is presenting not so much on her personal life.  JMHO! Woman Frustrated

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Re: Please don't put Jane T and Isaac together

@Homegirl wrote:

Isn't this thread a good argument for removing the "best answer" feature?





The post wasn't even a question.  The "best answer" wasn't a response.  All was just opinion about a host's failings or non-failings.  None of this thread was at all productive.  Instead, it was all very uncomfortable.


p.s.  Why not include the "best answer" feature where it really counts, in the "questions" viewers respond to after a product listing.  So many of those answers don't even match the product that they are completely useless.  Perhaps a "best answer" might be of some use there.  It's of no use in these threads since here we have (in the main) conversations with a few questions scattered here and there.

Hi @Homegirl


The best answer function is at the category level. All topics started in the category where the function is turned on will see the option for the best answer button. The option for a best answer function does not exist where you suggested on the product detail page, but is a great suggestion. This is the 1st week of this new feature in the forums. We will continue to evaluate this tool over the next several months to determine if the Community finds the function helpful.


Thanks for your interest in making the forums the best experience possible.

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Re: Please don't put Jane T and Isaac together

I have reached the point, where I just can't watch her anymore. I think that she seems like a nice lady who obviously loves her family.


 I absolutely can not take one more story or mention of the names about one or both of her daughters. It's not just once during a presentation which would be acceptable. If she is presenting 10 different items then at least every other item will involve a story about one of her daughters or the cat.