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If anyone read her FB page, they would see how horrible those comments are. Ppl think that because they have a computer screen in front of them, that gives them a license to  be incredibly rude and hurtful. Yes, she does read those comments and replies...or  did, I haven't read them in some time. I've seen her replies, she usually says something along the lines of, "I'm very sorry, I'll try to be better."


I have a friend like Susan, it's hard to rein her in sometimes. You accept those ppl like they are or, I guess, you lose out on them because you don't get along with them. I like her, like her designs and will continue to buy from her and isn't that the bottom line?

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My sentiments exactly.  She was out of control this morning - turning her back to the camera and patting her rear end, prancing, and, constantly interrupting Pat with her mindless chatter and spastic motions.

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@Kardi - I do that. Why watch someone you don't like? I do happen to like Susan Graver's personality. She's upbeat and happy  which is something too many QVC hosts lack, but that's another story. 😉

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@SeaMaiden @YorkieonmyPillow @silkyk @perkup

Susan and Katyia were doing the bump - a dance from the 70's I figure you are old enough to remember.  If you aren't, it was a lot of fun and Susan was definitely doing it at that time.  After that, it just came naturally to "shake your booty" another dance move from that time.  Susan was just trying to show how her jeans made you look.  Nothing wrong with that.  Not everything has to be so serious.  I enjoyed seeing "the bump".  Brought back a lot of good memories of my dancing days and added some fun to the show.  Sorry it offends you.

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I'd like her as a friend or neighbor.  Nice to have an energetic person around from time to time.  (Maybe not a roommate, though.  I'm kind of peaceful, quiet.  SG and Dr. Oz would probably be a bit too much for me to handle.  But, then, again, I'd probably be a party p**per in their eyes, lol. 

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Re: Please Be Nice

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@Lipstickdiva wrote:

@stevieb wrote:

@Carmie wrote:

@SeaMaiden wrote:

@Carmie wrote:

I don't think she means that comment to be taken literately,


I have heard many people, especially public speakers say " and please be nice" when they are asking for suggestions and comments.  It's just a saying and it supposed to be funny.  

 You would think she would LEARN SOMETHING from the comments and quit acting so pushy and loud and  hyper.

Why should she bother?.  The people who are saying nasty things aren't going to buy anyway,


Why should she stop being who she is to please anyone? if she acted differently, it wouldn't change her bottom line.  We are all different and we should all try to accept everyone just as they as long as they are not doing anything to hurt anyone.



Oh, I don't know. About SG, back in the day when I might have watched, her whirling dervish behavior almost always induced me to turn her off. Had I been willing to watch, I might have seen something I liked enough to try...

@stevieb, if you were that interested in her clothes, you would check them out on-line.  Not trying to be snarky but my guess is, you aren't that interested in her clothing.


I don't find anything bothersome about her behavior.

@Lipstickdiva No worries on the snarky front, but from my perspective it isn't as simple as whether or not I'm interested in her togs... At this point you're right, I'm not. At all. That said, while I used to find some things appealing I didn't opt to sit through her presentations... My point was that back when I watched QVC often, I might've left a Graver show on and might potentially have seen something I liked enough to buy... The fact that I never did was because I find her hard to take... I watched PM Style back in the day and she was often on. I used to feel bad for Lisa or whoever was hosting, having to put up with her manic behavior... For me, it was nerve-wracking. As always, each to their own...

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@Graciela 77 wrote:
It's beyond belief that Graver, in her begging voice, asks people to comment on line and to "Please be nice". Truthfully, I could say very nice things about her clothes. But about her personally? It's a small wonder she has to go on air and ASK people to be nice. I have never heard anyone else say such a thing.

Immediately following the above she said: "we're doing the best we can." Susan and Lori are the recipients of most criticisms.

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She didn't mean it literally and if you'v never heard someone say that about social media posts, you don't know anything at all about it and have no "foot print" as they say.  FB and all the others are nasty, mean places.  So we're always being told to "be nice" and "be respectful".  Good grief, you people do hate SG, don't you.  You pick the woman to death and yet, you won't stop watching her.  There are hosts and vendors that I don't care but I have no idea what they've said or done lately because.....I never watch them.

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@Graciela 77,   Her prices are too high for the quality of her clothes; however, she has a following.  I am not one of them.

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If you want her "zip" try some medication.