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Re: Pippa's Temperley London Gown

Maybe it is edgy or fashion forward and I just don’t get it.

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Re: Pippa's Temperley London Gown

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It's all right. I don't love it by any stretch and I don't hate it. It does, however, look more like a house dress than a gown for a formal event and I wouldn't opt to wear it to one.

It's called the Canopy Evening Dress and is made from tulle and organza (nylon and silk, apparently) with very intricate embroidery. I think if one saw it in person, it wouldn't look at all like a house dress. There is a whole "Canopy" collection, including shorter dresses and skirts with a similar pattern. According to the description on the Temperley site, "this compelling evening dress is detailed high-contrast embroidery depicting key inspirations of the season - graphics from Tibetan tiger rugs and striking botanicals." The black version is out of stock, but the white version is still available and deeply discounted! Smiley Happy It received positive write-ups from a few places, including Harper's Bazaar.


Pippa looks lovely. The photo casts a shadow making her neck appear larger than what it is. Pippa, Happiness is her best accessory.