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Petite skirts & dresses.

Susan and Jackie,

I love your liquid knit gored skirt but I don't think it's going to me a partical of good --- at five feet two inches tall, the length of 27 - 27 1/4 inches (depending on size small or medium) will cut it as a skirt for me ! That's the length I use for pants !!! It would be an ankle length skirt for me and that's not what I want or need ---- I need something that will be knee length or just below. Will you ever have any petite length skirts? I was hoping that you would have something I could use for the trip to Greece that my boyfriend and I are taking in May but guess it isn't meant to be. Anybody else out there want skirts and dresses in lengths for petite women? Would love to be close to six feet, but that's never going to happen, so I need something that will work for me.