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Please bring more tops in petite sizes [5' tall]. There are so many cute fashions but not many in petite sizes. We love fashion too!

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From your post to the powers that be ears, we have been begging for more offerings in the petite sizes for years. I don't know why they won't accommodate us because the petite sizes do sell out.

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I have been requesting petites since 1993 or so. Had to send letters before was available. They occasionally show a petite, but they sure do need more--pants, tops, jackets. Please!

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I need the pants in petites, skirts also. Tops I can make work. I gave up and go catalogue shopping. Many companies are providing a new size called Petite short. It is one size shorter than regular petites.

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I have complained about the lack of Petites several times on this forum. It seems discriminatory to me. Average and Plus size apparel is abundant. Petites are forgotten.

If a 5'9" model is wearing a top that hits below her hips why would I purchase it for my 5'2" frame? I will have 7 extra inches of fabric to contend with. The look will be totally out of proportion.

Rarely is a complete outfit offered in petite although I recall seeing some Renee Greenstein items. It would be great if Liz Claiborne and Isaac and Denim and Company offered petite clothing beyond pants and the very occasional maxi dress. Our torsos are petite, our bodies are petite. Tailoring is expensive. An apparel company needs to offer a petite clothing line on QVC. Perhaps a new vendor?

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I totally agree - PETITE TOPS NEEDED. More petite sizing in ALL FASHION - coats, jackets, pants, blouses, sweaters, tops.

When items are offered in petite THEY SELL OUT FAST. Don't have to be rocket scientist to realize there is a market out there !!!!