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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

I won't shop any on-line stores that charge shipping....period. 

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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

There is no free lunch. If you want a service, you pay for it. The free shipping ,is probably offset ,by higher prices, over the board. You are paying for it, even if it is hidden, and you don't know it.

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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

@Respectlife wrote:

Bridal Registry at Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.


I planned to spend $150


BOTH sites would have charged me $21 MORE in shipping!  I was only looking at one or two small sized items!


Both sites (possibly co-owned as they were linked) base the shipping not on size or weight but on how MUCH you spend!


Shouldn't shipping go DOWN the more you spend as a courtesy or incentive???  LOL



Needless to say, she will be getting a gift card or check.



@Respectlife   Pottery Barn has free shipping today.  The promo code is on their website.

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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

Overall cost of an item is what determines whether I'm getting a good deal, or not.  That's what I go by.  Free shipping means very little if the item is overpriced.  What makes me agree QVC is on the high side on shipping, is their method of putting a shipping cost on each item, instead of the complete order.  That truly does cause pause in ordering, and if customers take that much time over thinking the deal, there's much more chance of a pass.  Let's face it guys, a shopping channel isn't exactly considered bargain shopping.  They count on you to impulse buy.  If that's fun for you, go for it, but try not to think about your overspending.  LOL!

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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

Well they could put 2 things in one box and not charge the same price for them. Should be cheaper. Clothes are higher but at 81 I really don't need more --no closet space so I lay them on one of the beds. I don't care for tees that don't have straight hems or open shoulders. Most of the time now I wait for a good clearance cost.

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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

SIMPLE solutions to avoid paying S/H -


1. shop at brick and mortor stores

2. shop at places online that offer free shipping

3. look for promo codes



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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

@cherry  I do not feel that what you said is true.  I shop at Target and prices are NOT made higher because it ships for free. I do own a Red card but I get 5% discount with it and every little bit adds up.  Plus a lot of items ship and guarantee in 2 days.  There are other companies I do business with and their prices are lower than at the brand name websites.

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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

If Brick & Mortar stores make a comeback, the reason MIGHT be the shipping charges.  I wouldn't mind the $3.50 if I knew what the item would look like on me.  To spend $10+ in shipping to try a garment on prevents me from buying much.  Also, I hate paying per item when several are shipped in one package.

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Re: People think QVC S/H is high!

I've never minded shipping charges; I don't expect merchandise to be shipped for free (even when they say it is free, the cost is built into the product somehow, IMO).  I do not have a car and never want to own another one (been there before I moved to NYC in 1987).  Going to the mall or something is not a realistic option and taxis, even Ubers, cost more than the shipping I pay to have stuff sent to me at work.