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When watching and listening to her, I always get the feeling she hasn't a clue about her line.  She is now selling dog leashes and collars, not to mention clothing and jewelry.  All she talks about is her travels and always seems so surprised "I know, right.  Really?"when the host comments on the item.

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She sold jewelry for a long time on HSN.  I have several of her pieces which I like a lot.  I find on her bags often features are poorly designed, as if by an amateur, and don't work as they should.  I've sworn off buying any more of her products as they're just not functional. 

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I loved seeing her canteen crossbody bag options.

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I own several Patricia Nash bags that are absolutely beautiful, lightweight and very well made..  Learned about this designer from  a dear poster here and expert on handbags Sarah W.
Nash was at Macy's for many years before coming to Q.
Knowing Q, Nash sold so much with her debut they got her a team and went to town with cheaper items.  That being said any purchases I get from Nash's line are just from Macy's.

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I have bought her bags from HSN and returned them both. Just not as good as the ones in Dillards. I just recently bought one from Dillards and it's very cute and nice. Reminds me of the 70's.



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@Meowingkitty   Love your bag.  I bought the same flower hand painted one that was TSV on QVC and love it! Been downsizing a bit with my bags and mine is perfect for me. Softer leather and I love the clasp, same as yours has.  I have a few PN bags and am very  happy with all of them.  No more heavy D&B for me, but still love coach and Kate Spade.

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I also own a couple of her bags and I really like them.  It's just a matter of preference I think.  The OP stated she doesn't seem to know anything about her line (PN) but I have to say I find this with many of the vendors, Isaac especially, so many times he's like "oh yea, yea that"s right"  or calling the colors the wrong names........on and on.

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I don't care for her bags.

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If you check Patricia’s website, you will see her limited “postcard” bags.  Pictures of beautiful places, placed like a postcard on handbags.  I had no interest in those bags in a very large size, but fell in love with the much smaller postcard crossbody bags.  I bought one with the picture of Paris on it and am so happy to have this special bag to carry.  It is so pretty.  But no cheap, of course.  I just had to have it, ‘ya know.

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@lmtep   It sounds like LaLa Land to me.  I am on the fence about her handbags.  I think they are overpriced for what they are.  I would rather buy a Frye handbag on sale.

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