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Pat looks like she's ready to go apple picking & it's June 2ndCat LOL

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I think she looks cute! I'm loving her headband! That jacket is growing on me. I love the color! It works well with demin. 

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@alohakz  I know.  She looks like she's dressed for Fall.  

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Pat looks cute, but something I would not even consider wearing anytime soon. What a cute fall outfit. 

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All I know is she is pleasant to see as a host at least for me and I'll actually watch a full presentation with Pat.  

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I enjoy Pat. She is a good host.
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Ah well, Christmas In June is coming in fast.  

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I  really don't think she is dressed for fall.

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In my opinion, Pat doesn't appear to be dressed for Fall.  The eyelet in the jacket says Spring and Summer to me.

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