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Pat and Jane

I miss their Monday and Friday fashion shows.
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Re: Pat and Jane

I like Pat.  And I like Jayne (if that's the "Jane" you mean).  However, I never enjoyed them together.

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Re: Pat and Jane

I like the fashion shows & Jayne, but think it's time Qvc mixed it up and had something different.

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Re: Pat and Jane

Get rid of the Pat and Jane show. Pick one of them but not both. Everyone runs around confused not knowing where to go or stand, it’s not funny any more. Not need for two hosts at the same time. Take a lesson from Leah who I am sure brings in more sales than Pat and Jane. 

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Re: Pat and Jane

Yes, it's a two-ring circus with Pat and Jayne.  Valerie, when she's there, is a ringmaster, which helps a little.

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Re: Pat and Jane

Pat and Jane together is a total mess.  All they do is laugh.  They are so giddy that you don't know what they are selling.