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Re: Pants that cover your shoes...yes or no?

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I've seen Susan Graver wearing jeans with really large bell bottoms that cover her shoes. She's worn this look several times on air but I haven't seen the trend take off yet. I can't decide if I like the look or not? I understand that the style elongates your leg which can be flattering but that style also makes you look like you don't have feet. Just wondering what the Q community thinks? 

I liked those jeans/pants style.  I liked them when they debuted way back in the 70's and I still like them now.  The thing is I could never wear them because of my height.


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Re: Pants that cover your shoes...yes or no?

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The whole idea that a wide bootcut pair of jeans that brush the floor paired with a high heel shoe in order to appear taller doesn't work. It doesn't make the person look taller, they just look like a short person trying to look taller. There's a host on TSC in Canada who does the same thing -- she wears bootcut jeans in order to look as tall as the models and it doesn't work either.


Also what are you going to do if you are outside and it's raining or if there's snow on the ground -- how do you keep the bottom of your pants clean?

I agree with you.  It doesn't make the wearer look taller. I think it gives the opposite look.