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Once women get past menopause, our bodies settle into a different shape. We carry more of our weight in our middles and less in our buttocks. Whether we're plump, skinny, or in between, this is simply a biological reality. (Actually, it happens to men, too!) Even those of us blessed with an hourglass figure become more straight up-and-down as we age. I love Denim & Co., but invariably, pants that fit me around the waist are too big in the hips and upper thigh areas. Often I go down a size and simply cut some or all of the elastic out of the too-tight waist. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than looking like I'm wearing clown pants! I think it would make great sales sense to create some pant styles that are cut for women who have reached "the age of wisdom!" Thanks for considering this.

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So that's what happened to me!! I have had so much trouble getting pants to fit my legs, too. Finally, I started buying skinny leg style pants. They fit great. Lee jeans has a modern fit skinny Jean that really fits me good in the legs. I also found some style&co pull on boot cut tummy control (14 percent spandex) that are a great fit too. Very flattering with the boot cut. My hubby says they really look nice on me. You just have to experiment, I guess.{#emotions_dlg.blush}

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Diane Gillman makes her jeans around this concept. You might want to try her pants on HSN. I had an hourglass figure....I am now more straight up and down. The dg2 line addresses this problem. A lot of the stretch jeans have more room in the waist than the traditional jeans (based on my experience trying these).
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Post menopausal...still have a tush and thighs. But my waist is getting bigger. Still hour glass and still hard to find great fitting pants. I stopped buying pants on line unless they are knit or ponte. When I need dressier pants, jeans or work trousers I go to mall...and take lots and lots of pants to try on. It is so frustrating when even the 'nicer' brands have no consistency with sizing. Once I do find a style...I buy multiples.
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