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Re: Pale Pink by Rebecca Minkoff

Ooo-ooo, I just remembered I have a pair of ballet pink sling back open toe vintage 9 West heels, that only need some new heel lifts to be ready for Summer.  I have had them for many years. 


Yes, I have almost every pair of pretty heels that I've ever owned.  As long as they are in good shape I just won't part with them!

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Re: Pale Pink by Rebecca Minkoff

I like pink.  I espectially like the brown and pink roses blouse.  I have a pink leather jean jacket without a collar.  My denim pink jean jacket does have a collar.

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Re: Pale Pink by Rebecca Minkoff

Very pretty, although they look like styles for youngsters.

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Re: Pale Pink by Rebecca Minkoff

I do not wear much pink - whether it be pale or bright. I own one pale pink cardigan - that’s it. Even tho it’s too short for me, I like the skirt better than the jacket. 

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Re: Pale Pink by Rebecca Minkoff


I ordered both pieces from Nordstrom last week.  I was on the fence about sizing, but based on information from other sites, I decided to go with XS.  I thought the jacket might be a smidge too tight, but I didn't want it to look too boxy.


The jacket arrived first, and even in an XS, it is a bit large.  

The skirt arrived the next day, and although I could zip it up, it read a bit stuffed sausage around the middle, so I took it to the P.O. the next day (Thursday) to return.  On Wednesday I ordered the new skirt in a size S and it arrived yesterday, but I was too tired to try it on.  When I get ready today, I'll try it on, but if I don't post back assume that the S works.


So although I am a little "bustier" on top for my frame, I had to size up in the bottoms, which are usually a smaller size for me, in case anyone else is considering.