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Hi Tristan. I read your Ask Louis post about the bogus Linea jacket you got from T of A on the bay. I just want you to know that I received what I think is another bogus item today. It is a black pull-on skirt that is mainly rayon with a little poly/spandex. It has no size tag, no care tag and the only tag it does have is the Linea logo tag which is tacked in two corners to the inside of the waistband. Every other Linea item I own has the tag sewn into the seam or machine stitched down both edges. The black does not match any other Louis black that I own, either. Not dark enough.

I also received today two sweater jackets that were clearly Louis items--they were in his Milano knit and had his dyed to match buttons (like on the ponte stand color jacket), but these were samples. I knew they were samples when I ordered them and they are marked as such. (I've bought from sample sales before so that's no biggie to me). One of them fits fine, the other is an inch plus longer in both sleeves and length of the body. I spent practically nothing for them and they are lovely (although I'm going to have to do something about the longer sleeves) so I'll keep them and not complain.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm sticking to items that I recognize on her site from here on out. Unless it's for a price I'm willing to lose.