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It's Called A Right To Change My Mind!

Not that I have to explain myself to you TK but, when I was first introduced

to the B Maks bags ,I got two of them home only to find out later there was an issue

with color transferring on to ones clothes......those bags were immediately sent back &

that was several yrs ago!

Since then I have gotten a few of his bags home & all have passed the white cloth test.

Not one of them ( Manila, Glove Leather East/West Zip Top Satchel, Varick or the Glove Leather Flap Tote with Ruching Detail ) has ruined any of my clothes.

Yes, I said I wouldn't buy anymore of his bags ( several yrs ago!) for fear of them damaging my clothes ( back then)!

But, I figured since it's MY money & I can do what I will with it, it was my business

& my right to give it another shot! No approval needed from YOU or anyone else!

You & I haven't chatted since I left the FF & we didn't communicate all

that much then. You come in my thread & try to put me on blast?? because

I bought a bag from a guy I once said I would never support?? good going!

but it still don't change a thing! The day I seek you out & ask for your

help in getting a B Mak bag home to me?? is the day you remind me of

what I said,OK?? until then it I'll buy as many d a m n B Mak bags as I please!

Thanks for the reminder tho!