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What's with all the bomber jackets this season? I'm having flashbacks to the "Member's Only" jacket days of the 80s!!

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I'm not Lola, but am happy to hear that bombers are still in, I bought too many last year! Woman LOL

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Re: Paging LOLA!

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@gardensla  ...


I must be looking in all the wrong places ... haven't seen any in quite a while.   Where are you seeing them?


Edit:   Never mind ... I just did a search and saw quite a few ... guess those I saw are not really my idea of a "real" bomber jacket, LOL.

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It's coming around again!

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Not a fan of bombers... unless you are the Red Baron.

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Uh oh, @gardensla-


Lisa Rinna Collection Quilted Zip Front Bomber Jacket - A274672

We'll probably see a lot of this today.